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EU Commission publishes state-of-play on EU Maritime Transport Strategy

Wednesday 05 October 2016

The European Commission published on the 3rdOctober, a mid-term report on the implementation of its European Maritime Transport Strategy until 2018. The report describes actions undertaken in various areas of the Maritime sector: from safety and security, digitalisation, environmental sustainability and decarbonisation. In each of these areas the report explains the next steps, how to improve and develop the policies already in progress; presents the actions taken at European and international level on passenger ship safety, the work in progress to put in place an EU maritime single window and the efforts to curb the greenhouse gas emissions of international shipping and implement sustainable development.

Maritime transport is widely recognised as the most environmentally sustainable and energy efficient way of moving large quantities of cargo, but the need for a cleaner shipping has come into focus, considering the new goals that States set themselves.

The report also highlights the necessity of dialogue and mutual cooperation between the stakeholders and administrations and focuses on the importance of international cooperation, of which the project Captain is a concrete demonstration.

International cooperation can permit simplification of administrative formalities for shipping and maritime carriage of goods, facilitation of  international maritime transport of passenger and improvement of the infrastructures that lead to the development of tourism. Besides this the cooperation allows the collection of data, and the spread of best practices, the finding of common solutions and harmonization of procedures between Eu and non – Eu countries.

Taking into consideration the challenging economic circumstances the sector faces today and the fierce global competition, the report also highlights the importance of the digital innovation to promote competitiveness.

With this report the Commission also announces the launch of a comprehensive evaluation exercise of EU maritime legislation to ascertain whether this remains fit for purpose or adjustments have to be made within any of the five focus areas described.

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