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The importance of the port of Ploce a and the connection port with Corridor 5c themes of info day and technical workshop held in Sarajevo

Monday 14 November 2016

As part of the project Capitalisation of traffic models in the Adriatic-Ionian network to support the development EUSAIR - CAPTAIN, Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency SERDA organized info day technical workshop where they presented the project activities with a special focus on the port of Ploce, its importance for Bosnia-Herzegovina and the connection port with Corridor 5c.

Although the Croatian port of Ploce port is of great importance for the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It stretches over 230 hectares, with 8 terminals to accept all types of cargo. Categorized as a universal port purposes and serves for handling almost all types of cargo that appear in international maritime transport. The total annual handling capacity of the port of Ploce is estimated at 4.8 million tons of bulk and general cargo, while the total storage capacity of 600,000 tons of liquid cargo. The largest turnover in the port achieved Bosnia and Herzegovina with 91.35%. The construction of new port terminals for handling containers and bulk cargo port of Ploce will become the preferred port, not only for traditionally present burdens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also other neighboring countries.

For the Port of Ploce is said that the door Corridor 5c corridor that is part of a pan-European network of transport corridors. Construction of motorway road traffic Corridor 5c, and the waterway Bosanski Samac-Vukovar port of Ploce will significantly increase traffic in the importance of combined transport by the Danube countries, said among other things representative of the Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mladen Goluža.U context of geo-strategic importance of the corridor, a key the importance of belonging to the port of Ploce by road and railway communications associated with its natural catchment area - Bosnia and Herzegovina - and revitalizing character, which she belonged. This of course, requires attaching significant attention to strengthening the port and its transhipment and storage capacities, because with a strong port of Ploce Corridor 5c would not be interesting only bosanskoherceogva?kim and Slavonian businesses, but to attract the flow of goods and people to the Central European market, said Goluža .

The Free Zone Port of Ploce are located Petroleum Terminals of the Federation Ltd. Plates, occupying an area of approximately 15 hectares. Total current utilization of the storage area is approx. 80000 m? and storage of goods from containers annually about 400 000 mT. According to CEO Joseph Tomic Terminals Ltd. Plates expandable storage capacity for oil products, as well as for other media (vegetable oils, acids, gas). Reconstruction of existing tanks is possible to increase the storage capacity of up to 20,000 m?. Tomic has emphasized the need for linking the terminal in Ploce and terminals in the Federation of FBiH Railways (system "ship-train-delivery of") which would contribute to a further reduction of prices of petroleum products on the BiH market for end users, but also reduce the burden on main roads truck tanks, reducing environmental pollution, increase traffic safety, especially during the tourist season.

Info day and technical meeting agenda

Infoday presentations

Kapitalizacija prometnih modela u Jadransko-jonskoj mreži za podršku razvoju EUSAIR-projekt CAPTAIN, Senior menadžer SERDA- Sanela Dževlan Sarajevo_Info_day_CAPTAIN_Sanela_Dzevlan

EUSAIR strategija i status njene provedbe u BiH, EUSAIR nacionalni koordinator za EU fondove Midhat Dzemic Sarajevo_Info_day_Eusair_Midhat_Dzemic

EA SEA-WAY Projekat u funkciji intenzivnijeg ukljucivanja BiH u Jadransko-jonske integracijske transportne tokove  Doc.dr. Azra Ferizovic, Fakultet za saobracaj i komunikacije Sarajevo Sarajevo_Info_day_Eusair_Midhat_Dzemic


Technical workshop presentations

Mogu?nosti Bosne i Hercegovine u korištenju fondova EU u periodu 2014-2020, s posebnim fokusom na raspoloživa sredstva za projekte iz oblasti transporta Technical_Workshop_DEI_Mirela_Vujica

Zna?aj Luke Plo?e za željezni?ki saobra?aj , Željeznice Federacije BiH, Fikret Mršo Technical_Workshop_Fikret_Mrso

Kapaciteti i zna?aj Luke Plo?e, Program menadžer SERDA-e Asmir Kosovac Technical_Workshop_Kosovac

Zna?aj Koridora Vc za Luku Plo?e , Ministarstvo komunikacija i prometa BiH Mlade Goluža Technical_Workshop_Mlade_Goluza

Naftni terminali Federacije d.o.o. Plo?e, Predsjednik Uprave Josip Tomi? Technical_Workshop_OPIS_NTF